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CPC develops and manages 800 numbers called “Locators” that are designed to geographically route calls to multiple stores, franchises or locations based on zip code, phone number, menu choices or other customized routing options.

Benefiting a wide range of industries, locators are currently used by a variety of businesses, including retailers, consumer brands, educational institutions, franchises, and service organizations.

Our custom locators are enabled with call recording, real-time call reporting and name/address matching for enhanced quality control, analysis and database development.
By accessing one easy-to-remember toll-free number, customers nationwide find the closest and most convenient store location, office or supplier.

Locator Features

  • Customized, geographically-based call routing allows customers to quickly contact local office or location. (Both zip code and zip+4/10-digit routing are available.)
  • Our call reporting capabilities provide enhanced media tracking and analysis.
  • Calls can be recorded and analyzed for quality control.
  • Customer name/address matching provides additional opportunities for database marketing and analysis.
  • Time of day/day of week routing for calls during closed store hours enables customers to hear local store information or, if necessary, be referred to a customer service representative.
  • Custom On-Hold or Promotional Messages can be set up for direct marketing to customers on hold.
  • Automated “Answer Supervision” message tells customers the line is busy / no answer and provides the store’s local information to them.
  • Real-time reports available online via secured web access.

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