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Imagine your internal staff “power dialing” through target call lists at three times the speed of manual dialing. CPC’s JetDial is an innovative service that delivers just that. 

JetDial efficiently and accurately screens out (or “predicts”) answering machines, busy signals, disconnected numbers, fax lines, etc. and immediately connects calls answered by live people directly to your representatives.

How does it work?

JetDial integrates your company’s existing telephone system and service with a powerful multimillion-dollar, off-site automated dialing system. Your staff accesses JetDial on their computers through a simple web interface. JetDial seamlessly integrates with your internal customer database or can easily load Excel call lists right from your computer. Sales departments instantly become more effective.

Features & Benefits of CPC’s JetDial

  • Speak directly to your prospects or customers at lightning speed
  • Manage and improve the productivity of your sales reps in real-time
  • Includes real-time customer data access, warm transfers, call recording, live chat, call back scheduling, broadcast messaging, real-time monitoring and much more
  • Train agents in less than 10 minutes
  • Inbound virtual “ACD” (Automated Call Distribution) service available as well
  • Fully-hosted solution - no expensive
  • Faster Calls = More Customer Contact = More Business

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