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CPC empowers businesses with custom 800 numbers that provide the following functionality:

  • Customized Surveys
  • Employee Surveys, Recruitment and Benefits
  • Order and Shipping Confirmation
  • Customer Satisfaction Lines
  • Operational Lines (e.g. “data capture” from the field)
  • Market and Consumer Research
  • Reservation Systems
  • Consumer Rebate
  • Product Sampling and Coupons
  • Product Recall

These are just a few examples – 800 number programs can be designed to fit any business need through the use of customized “IVR”.

What is “IVR” (Interactive Voice Response)?

An automated “IVR” (or “Interactive Voice Response”) program describes an 800 number that is set up to play customized voice messages, prompt callers for data (“press 1 now or enter your zip code now”), voice capture (“please record your name and address”) and route telephone calls, without the use of any live agents.

Automated IVR systems provide 24-hour service, broad capacity, a variety of capabilities, and a convenient mechanism for customers to make contact, receive company information, order products, or participate in a promotion.

CPC uses a variety of program options, including Custom Voice Prompts, Menus, Call Routing, Voice and Data Capture to custom-build an IVR application to suitthe needs of any advertising campaign, promotion, operational need or business initiative.

CPC provides IVR services within the Application Service Provider (ASP) model, so there is no expensive investment in hardware, software or phone lines required. Our outsourced solution provides value to our clients by allowing them to focus their resources and energy on their core business processes.

With hands-on expertise in IVR program development, CPC’s customized 800 number solutions deliver state-of-the art technology, aggressive development timeframes, and valuable reporting and data capture capabilities.

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