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CPC provides professional live US-based representatives to interact with customers via the web in a personal 1-on-1 chat in real-time. CPC is partnered with a best-in-class chat software partner and implements the industry's most robust chat technology on your website, providing both "online chat" and "click to talk" functionality for your business.

CPC maintains a powerful network of uniquely specialized live chat representatives that can provide a variety of functions for your business, including customer service, lead qualification/generation, appointment setting and order processing.

Our trained and knowledgeable representatives establish contact with customers throughout individual website pages and enhance the web browsing experience. Proactive pop-up invitations and instant live support are provided for your products and services. Our live chat interaction is customized to fit your business needs and engineered to supplement your existing online service or sales operation.

CPC's "Live Chat" can also be combined with a live phone call to provide a streamlined service to manage all of your sales and support contact. Your customers will always be able to choose whether they want to "chat" on the computer or "click to talk" and speak to a live person.

With CPC, the process can seamlessly switch from one medium to another while maintaining contact with one representative to provide the best possible service for your customers.

Our Live Chat program provides:

  • US-based, college graduate chat agents
  • Live site monitoring with real-time information about your visitors
  • Customized knowledge base development
  • Lead qualification and live transfer
  • Customer relationship management
  • Seamless transfer from live online chat to live voice contact
  • Easy integration with your company brand and design
  • Proactive pop-ups to assist visitors 
  • Sales, support and customer service

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