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Case Studies

CPC has provided communications services that have provided outstanding results for its clients. Please click below for some case histories that show the clear value of CPC's offerings. From Retail and Financial to Service Providers, Sales/Promotion and Consumer Products, CPC has demonstrated clear and convincing data to show the benefit that matters most: Cost per Conversion.

How can CPC help you?

CPC provides innovative CONTACT CENTER SOLUTIONS to medium and large-
sized businesses.

At CPC, we provide contact center services and customized consulting to enable your business to establish strong customer relationships, help your sales force do their jobs most efficiently and maximize your media spending. Our seasoned professionals and dedicated approach separate CPC from our competitors. At every point along your communication platform, CPC can enhance and optimize the process to improve your Return on Investment. In our 20 years of experience, we have also continued to evolve with the contact center industry by analyzing trends, implementing best practices and engaging in strategic partnerships to stay ahead of the curve. Contact us to learn how we can create a customized solution for your business.