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Case Studies

The Challenge

A large University was researching ways to increase enrollment. The University decided to pilot an addition of Live Chat to their website. What they weren't ready for was the number of Live Chat requests they would soon be receiving on a daily basis. Their initial plan was to have in-house personnel, many from the Admissions Department, respond to all of the Live Chats. However, due to the sheer number of chats and types of questions coming in - from enrollment to admissions, academic to financial - it soon became overwhelming. They needed the Admissions Officers to concentrate on students who wanted to enroll, and not to answer general questions.

The Solution

CPC's Live Chat Approach

The Results

The University tested out our live chat approach, with CPC agents front-ending all of their chats, starting with a limited geographic region and building out from there. The CPC agents responded to general inquiries and "qualified" the chats, determining which ones were coming from prospective students that were truly "leads" for the University. These prospective students that were qualified were then transferred to the Admissions Departments at the various campuses.

The University's new Live Chat feature has been and continues to be very well-received by prospective students. First, it allows them to get immediate information as opposed to waiting for someone to get back to them. And, since many of them are working professionals, it also allows them to get information while they are at work and may not be able to talk on the phone. Also, since Live Chat is a form of instant messaging, prospective students can communicate in a medium with which they are already comfortable. Live Chat, as it turns out, is the perfect communication tool for the University's demographic.


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